The members of GSCentral have very little positive things to say about this website. Run by Lazy Bastard and sometimes LiquidManZero, its sole existence in the last decade has been to emulate GSCentral and to poison the scene.

Whilst they claim to promote proper code credit, many codes within their archives are falsely credited. The original code creators on GSCentral have had proper credit for years, and since 2005, GSHI has decided to re-hack codes that have been widely available for their own personal gain and acclaim.

One needs to look no further than to compare codes hacked by Rune, the leader of GSCentral, to see that none of his hacks have been credited. A random comparison of hacks created by hackers of GSCentral can also reveal that the stolen GSCentral database (now also can be found on from 2007 has been tampered with and should be considered null and void.

In a scene where very little significant value (money, prestige) can be gained by hacking codes, no one should be supporting this website when all they are capable of is to steal other people's codes.

GSCentral has had a strict zero tolerance policy in effect over the years for this reason on any advertising of websites that are not honourable towards hackers.