Sometimes known as 'iamstillhiro112' or his current alias, "MathUser'. He eats tacos.

A code creator from GSHI who had a tendency to steal codes from other people and claim them as his own, a fairly common practice over at GSHI. Was found posting codes from GSCentral circa 2005 and stating that the fork is not legitimate and is available to steal codes from (and reclaim them as original hacks as well).

Seems to be a chronic liar that lets his ego get in the way of proper code credit, much like most of the crew over at GSHI. Still to this day falsely claims GSCentral started this 'war' over code credit when, even as far back as 2005 on, iamstillhiro1112 and his breathen chose to re-post codes from the website onto GSHI as his own. He also believes that GSCentral started the favour of borrowing codes when it was first documented that GSHI was re-posting codes first, leaving GSCentral and its members no other choice but to raise an alarm and return the favour.