A very talented hacker who has written important hacking utilities for the scene.

Has a major personality flaw. Known to be almost impossible to work with and vicious, and sometimes completely inarticulate and child-like.

Created Kodewerx on October 1, 2006. The website was quite popular initially due to the "borrowing" of former GSCentral members but people rapidly stopped posting codes after it was clear that no progress was being made. Most of the codes posted on the website were from hackers who did not even visit the website and were never formalily posted in a public database. Instead, codes were posted simply on the boards and people had to search for them haphazardly.

Parasyte's version of Kodewerx died on October 1, 2010 when he could no longer afford to pay for some of its domain names. It is unclear how the website will mutate, if it will return at all, but the original spirit of it is long gone. Giving the reins to someone else is a form of self-defeat and it is not expected to be anymore relevant as a code source as it was when it was first formed four years ago.